About Us

As the leading representative of the Turkish Aluminium Industry, TALSAD works for sustainable growth and development of the aluminium industry in local and regional markets, development and implementation of new and advanced technologies, implementation of good practices in health, safety and environment and works to develop strong local and international partnerships.

Turkish Aluminium Industry has been spread over a wide range of segments and industrial sectors including extrusion, rolling, casting, billet and ingot production, architectural and industrial applications including primary aluminium production. Turkish Aluminium Industry has achieved sustainable high growth rate over the last decade and therefore has strengthen its place in the world markets.


  • The one of the oldest and deep-rooted association, working since 1971,
  • The leading industry organization of the Turkish aluminium industry,
  • Working to expand the use of aluminium in Turkey and in our region,
  • Functioning to strengthen the link between our industrial sectors and our society,
  • Supporting new and advanced technology implementations of aluminium
  • Keen in guiding the development of aluminium industry through new industrial applications, research and development,
  • Working for a sustainable industry,
  • The platform to develop strong partnerships at national and international level. 

Our Membership’s

  • TALSAD is a member of the European Aluminium Association,
  • TALSAD is a member of professional industry organizations such as DEİK and İMSAD.
  • Turkey’s leading Aluminium companies and industrialists are members of TALSAD,