From The Chairman

Dear Members of the Sector,

TALSAD, since the year it was founded, is committed to accomplishing the important task and dedication of our members, promoting aluminum and aluminum products to the society and increasing its use. With the principle of unity, it aims to ensure that Turkish Aluminum Industry and aluminum products reach their deserved position in domestic and foreign markets.
The human being who discovers the power of unity since their existence, they have always determined their social lifestyles by looking for ways to live and act collectively and have survived.
Nowadays, Civil Society Organizations have been able to direct government policies such as education, health, justice and economy, also in many issues that determine the priorities of the society, they have been able to fulfill the public services carried out by the state. In the days that we entered the millennium, it has become obligatory for us to act in unity and solidarity with the awareness of the increasing role of voluntary and individual activities united under the name of Civil Society Organizations in our lives.

In this honorable duty of TALSAD, all the support that our esteemed aluminum industrialists will give all the necessary sacrifice and effort as before, together with the interests of our aluminum industry and our industrialists due to the fact that TALSAD, the only representative of Turkish Aluminum sector, grows more rapidly, the protection of our country’s interests as a whole and the Turkish economy to gain significant gains in the national economy is very important.

The first requirement of a rising structure is the creation of a correct and sound foundation, also for post the building stones are placed in a complete solidarity on top of each other. TALSAD, Turkey’s rapidly changing structure in every respect, the Turkish aluminum industrialists quality in harmony with the global structure technical informed, market-seeking, branding and provide important services with new visions and plans to reach more quickly to a wider audience.

On the way to our targets, we have renewed our website, which was an important part of our work and opened in 1998 for the first time, in accordance with the service concept and objectives of TALSAD, using the technological opportunities of our age, and presenting it to your service. In the following periods as in previous periods within TALSAD together, we hope that we will achieve more successful and permanent works with the same belief.

We stepped together with the leadership of our pioneers, we have reached today, we believe that we will grow together with our future generations.

Best regards,

Ali Kibar
Chairman of the Executive Board